History of ERMIS


With the initiative of two gay Greeks in Cologne the idea was born to get to know other homosexual compatriots living in the region. At first, several small ads were published in the local press.

To the big surprise of the organizers, many turned up for the first meeting. Everyone agreed that homosexuality was still one of the big taboos in the German society and even more so within the Greek community in Germany. This situation makes coping with our sexuality rather difficult: in our families, among our Greek and German friends, at the workplace etc. - this was when ERMIS was born!

ERMIS Cologne

Founded on May 3, 1998. Has been a consistent part of the local gay scene ever since and is one of the most active 'migrant groups' within the LSVD.

ERMIS Munich

The wave has moved to the very south of this country now... On December 13, 2000 a meeting was organized with the help of small ads in local magazines. Seven people showed up that night, today the group counts more than 20 members in total.

ERMIS Stuttgart

Was formed at the beginning of August 2000. Bearing in mind the fact that many Greeks live in the south of Germany (and therefore many potential members), the group wants to play an active role in the public debate.

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